Laparoscopic Surgery: A Gentler, Minimally Invasive Technique For Our Patients

At Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the use of new surgical technology. Whenever possible, we employ minimally invasive surgical techniques. We are skilled in laparoscopic techniques, which is familiar to many clients through its use in human surgery. Yet, many don’t know what laparoscopy is exactly and why it is considered superior.

What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique of the abdomen. A laparoscope (camera) inserted through a small incision in the abdomen magnifies internal structures of the abdomen on a TV monitor for a more thorough examination. Additional small incisions are made to facilitate the use of surgical instruments.

Why is laparoscopy better?

  •   Less post-operative discomfort, since the incisions are much smaller
  •   Quicker recovery times
  •   Shorter hospital stays
  •   Earlier return to full activities

Veterinary technicians consistently report that laparoscopic patients rest more comfortably after surgery than patients with traditional surgery.

How is laparoscopy used in pet surgery?


Laparoscopy is used in soft tissue surgeries, and generally for abdominal surgery. It has many applications and is effective in many procedures: liver and other organ biopsies, gastropexies, removal of retained testicles, bladder stone removal, spays, and many more.

Laparoscopic Spays

Laparoscopic spays significantly reduce pain and recovery time for female dogs. Incisions are much smaller than a traditional open surgical spay (3/16 inch vs. 2 or 3 inches) and there is less tissue trauma. According to a study by the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, laparoscopic spay caused less surgical stress and up to 65% less post-operative pain than traditional non-laparoscopic spays. Learn more about laparoscopic spays.

If your pet is scheduled for a surgery, ask us if laparoscopy is a viable option to get your pet on the mend and home sooner—a goal we share!

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