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Dr. Navang Shetty

Dr. Navang Shetty is a compassionate and highly-skilled veterinarian in Natick

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Dr. Navang Shetty, Natick Veterinarian

Dr. Navang Shetty

Dr. Navang Shetty joined Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital in May of 2023 as an associate Veterinarian. Originally born in California, Dr. Shetty decided to be adventurous and move to Australia where he completed his degree in Veterinary medicine at the University of Sydney. While there, he practiced as a “small animal” veterinarian. However, Dr. Shetty worked with animals both large and small ranging from dogs and cats to kookaburras and kangaroos to pursue his passion of saving lives of all sizes.

Dr. Shetty has now moved to Boston with his beautiful fiancée and their lovely 9 month old maine coon kitty, Kiwi. Who is too adorable for words. They have just started taking him on routine walks and hikes around the Boston area.

*Fun Fact* Navang means New Life which is very appropriate for what he has embarked on.

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