Caring for Your Exotic Pet

Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital appreciates that humans are capable of loving a wide variety of animals and bond with many species. After all, for many of us, our first pet was a guinea pig or other small animal. What elementary class does not have a classroom pet mouse, rat, gerbil, or guinea pig?


We treat exotic pets (primarily ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small mammals). Dr. Antonietta Orlandi has a special interest in exotic pet care.

Your Resource for Exotic Pet Care

If you have questions regarding the everyday care of your exotic pet, we can be a resource. We advise on a number of exotic pet care or husbandry topics: proper housing, handling, behavior, diet, grooming, and conditions requiring medical attention. We also provide boarding for bunnies and tooth filing services.

Physical Exams

Any small animal can benefit from a physical exam. Just like dogs and cats, some exotic pets can be plagued with mites, fleas, internal parasites…even bad teeth!

Sadly, sometimes an exotic animal is discovered too ill to recover. In those circumstances, we are able to provide a peaceful end-of-life and shorten the animal’s suffering through compassionate euthanasia. This can also ease family member distress.

Vaccinations for Exotic Pets

Rabies and distemper vaccinations are recommended for ferrets.

Please contact us for any questions you have about the care of your exotic pet and set up an appointment to see Dr. Orlandi.

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