We Are Your Veterinary Partner For Good Health

Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital is proud to be your partner for your pet’s good health—and over a lifetime. From the early needs of the young pet, to the active adult, to the senior pet that may require more attention and TLC, our veterinarians and staff are pledged to the excellent care of your pet.

In addition to dogs and cats, we also address the needs of exotic pets (ferrets, guinea pigs, and small mammals). Dr. Antonietta Orlandi has a special interest in exotic pet care.

Overall we emphasize a preventive care model, so that problems can be corrected before they become more serious.

  • Twice Yearly Check Up Exams
    These regular exams catch things early and vaccinations prevent many common diseases.
  • Practice Good Dental Care
    Avoid dental pain and infections that can impact vital organ systems.
  • Nutrition & Exercise
    Feed your pet healthy balanced pet food and guard against obesity.
  • Pet Proof Your House
    Educate yourself on harmful foods and other dangerous items commonly found in homes.
  • Practice Good Parasite Control
    Control intestinal parasites that can harmful to your pet and your family and prevent heartworm.

Read more about our recommendations for practicing good preventive care.

Download Practice Preventive Care for Your Pet and For Your Wallet handout

Feel free to ask us questions at your next appointment.

If your pet becomes sick or is in need of emergency care, please contact us right away. Our award winning facility meets the highest standards of veterinary hospital care and delivers a number of veterinary services.

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