The Key to Thanksgiving Pet Safety? Plan Ahead!

We are generally more successful in life when we plan accordingly. Sure, some things simply cannot be predicted, but when by operating foresight we can reduce unfortunate or uncomfortable circumstances. 

When it comes to Thanksgiving, planning the meal and the entire 4-day weekend is a serious effort. Where do pets fit in with all the visitors or traveling? Thanksgiving pet safety is a fine example of planning excellence, and we’re here to help you through it.

Fight or Flight

Pets are creatures of habit, and nothing disturbs their routines better than the holiday season. Even animals that are laid back and social by nature can become pretty rattled by strange house guests and increased activity. We recommend trying to get a handle on a possibly stressed or anxious pet by doing the following:

  • Keep your pet’s meal and exercise times on schedule.
  • Offer extra play time and snuggles before/after guests leave.
  • Provide a safe space away from the action and fill with all of their favorite things.
  • Update your pet’s microchip information, and be sure they’re wearing a bright/reflective collar with clear ID tags.

Hitting the Road

If you’re traveling with your pet this Thanksgiving, it’s a good idea to offer frequent breaks (if driving). Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital can assist you with any necessary paperwork required by airline (if flying), and certify they are up to date with vaccinations and parasite prevention.

Have you thought about boarding your pet with us? Many pets aren’t up for traveling, but we’d love to pamper them while you’re away. It’s also a great option for hosting pet owners expecting company this Thanksgiving.

Stay or Play?

It’s probably second nature to include your pet in the festivities. In this case, Thanksgiving pet safety measures must be in full force. To prevent a pet poisoning, eliminate your pet’s chances of tipping over the trash can, jumping on the counters, or picking up dropped food from the floor.

The following Thanksgiving items/ingredients can cause a serious pet emergency:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Raisins/grapes or currants
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Xylitol (found in baked goods and sugar-free candy)
  • Dark meat
  • Turkey skin
  • Bones
  • Gravy
  • Garlic, onions, leeks, scallions

Controlling your pet’s appetite and curiosity is as easy as preparing a delicious plate just for them. Unsweetened cranberry sauce, steamed sweet potato, carrots, green beans, and small bites of white meat can make pets truly grateful on a holiday focused on eating and drinking.

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

If you have additional questions or concerns about Thanksgiving pet safety, please let us know. From all of us at Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital, have a safe and happy holiday.