Tinsel and Trees and Tidings, Oh My! Holiday Pet Safety

Holiday pet safety can help prevent a pet emergency

Along with spending time with family and friends, we are sure you’re including your best fur pal in some of the festivities. After all, tis the season to enjoy all the wonder and gratitude that the winter holidays can bring!

But holiday time can also pose risks for our pets. Planning and awareness are key to ensuring a happy, healthy holiday season with pets. With that in mind, Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital shares our best practices when in comes to holiday pet safety.


The Difference Between Fun and Fear? Holiday Pet Safety Tips You Can Count On

The holidays are about many wonderful things but pet safety is always at the top of our list when this time of year rolls around again. While family, love, togetherness, gratitude, and community are collectively celebrated, holiday parties and gift-giving exchanges can reach epic proportions. Between the indulgent offerings table-side and the dazzling decorations, pets can be headed for a world of hurt. Keep your pet free from danger (and out of the ER) with our holiday pet safety tips.

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Calmly approaching the weeks between Halloween and New Year’s is an effort of pure will. The long lines at every store, increased traffic, and freezing cold weather are all part of a recipe for utter frustration and fatigue. And you’re not alone.

Pets pick up on our heightened levels of stress, fear, and anxiety and often react in kind. Watch your pet’s behavior closely. Even if it’s not overly obvious, they could probably use a movie marathon cuddled next to their favorite person (that’s you), a nice long walk in nature, or extra playtime. If you notice that your pet seems restless or anxious and think they could benefit from less activities or fewer crowds, please bring them home and stick to their regular routine as much as possible.


Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving

Nov_iStock_000023729783_MediumWhether you’ve decided to take on the chore of hosting this year’s turkey feast, or you’re planning on traveling to see the fam with your favorite pooch in tow, big holidays and gatherings are the hallmark of this time of year.

For many, including a family pet in the holiday festivities is a given – after all, our pet is a part of the family and enjoys being included and surrounded by the love and attention of family members and friends. Thankfully, we live in a pet-friendly world that’s pretty inclusive when it comes to accommodating our companion animals.

However, there are some aspects of the hectic holidays that should be considered to keep the joy and jingle in any celebration. Before emBARKing on your plans for the day of thanks, here are a few safety tips to help you address common health risks to your pet (and what you can do to avoid them). Continue…