Welcome to Flea and Tick Season in New England!

flea and tick seasonIt’s that time of year again! Delightfully warm breezes, new leaves on the trees, flowers popping up everywhere, and of course the annoying onslaught of tiny, itchy, disease-carrying creatures. Fleas and ticks begin their reign of terror in New England around April, and continue to go strong through about December, when their numbers die down (but don’t go away completely).

Your pet’s ongoing good health depends in part upon disease prevention, and protecting them during flea and tick season is a great place to start.


Is a Pet Poisoning Right Around the Corner?

Pet PoisoningMitigating potential catastrophe is a necessity of life. Without a constant nod to the what-if’s around every corner, are we more at risk of suffering illness or injury? Certainly when we know what to look for, we can focus more on enjoying ourselves and being happy. The same is true for our pets when it comes to knowing how to prevent a pet poisoning.


A Team Sport: Pet Dental Care

pet dental careBad breath in your pet may be common, but it’s not normal! It’s often the first sign of dental disease. It is estimated that by the time pets are 4 years of age, 85% have some form of dental disease. That statistic is reason enough to embark on a regular professional dental cleaning program, coupled with at-home pet dental care.

With a focus on your pet’s dental health, dental disease in pets is entirely preventable!