All About Pet Insurance

MRIs. Emergency room visits. Long-term hospitalizations. Cancer treatments. Blood transfusions. We’re not talking about a Grey’s Anatomy rerun, but the advanced medical treatments that are commonplace in veterinary hospitals around the country. Indeed, pet parents have more options available to them than ever before to extend the lives of their furry loved ones.

Modern veterinary technology is certainly amazing, but it’s not without a price. That is where pet insurance can make a big difference for pet owners. Like medical insurance for humans, pet insurance can provide financial peace of mind when your pet needs veterinary care.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

In short, yes.

Dog and cat owners in the U.S. spend roughly $250 per year on routine wellness visits for their pets. This may not seem like much, and if your pet is healthy and hasn’t needed emergency or specialty care yet, it’s easy to view pet insurance as an unnecessary expense.