School Daze: Separation Anxiety in Pets

Separation anxiety in pets can increase when school starts.Whether you have younger kids or older ones heading off to college, it’s normal for everyone to go through an adjustment period at the start of a new school year. Pets feel the change as well, especially if they’ve enjoyed a pet-centric summer for the past 3 months.

Separation anxiety in pets is quite common this time of year. An estimated 15-30% of pets regularly experience symptoms. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help support your furry family member!

Where is Everyone?

Pets thrive on routine, so a sudden change in the daily schedule can be confusing and upsetting. The hustle and bustle of preparing for a new school year and the sudden departure of key family members can leave a pet feeling confused, anxious, and left out. Continue…

Thunderstorm And Fireworks Anxiety In Pets: Helping Them Cope

WelsNat_iStock_000071875971_LargeAs thunderstorm season and the 4th Of July approach, many pet owners know what to expect; a season dealing with a trembling, anxious, possibly destructive pet that is trying desperately to escape the noise and confusion that the summer months bring. Thunderstorm and fireworks anxiety is very common among pets, and for some it can be severe enough to turn into a real phobia.

Since we can’t completely remove our pets from exposure to loud noises, it’s important that we understand how to minimize their anxiety and keep them as calm as possible.


Panic and Pet Anxiety Over the Holidays

iStock_000077561627_LargeThe chaos of the holidays can be highly stressful for pets. Changes to the feeding or walking schedule, strange visitors, or new accommodations make it challenging to keep your pet calm throughout this busy time of year.

Although relatives and other visitors may be welcome guests, they’re still unknown to your cat or dog. Since it can be difficult to anticipate how your pet will react, exercise careful planning to help alleviate panic and pet anxiety this holiday season. Continue…