What’s a Pet Owner to Do About the Canine Flu?

Canine flu is a serious threat to dog health.You have likely been hearing rumblings about canine influenza in the area. While the canine flu isn’t a new disease, we have recently seen an uptick in cases in the Massachusetts area. So what is this dog flu? Do you need to worry? And more importantly, what can you do to protect your pet? Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital is happy to answer all your questions.

Facts about Canine Flu

While the dog flu has been around for about 15 years at this point, it is relatively new in the grand scheme of canine infectious diseases.

It first made its appearance on the greyhound racetracks in 2004, but was rather isolated and not a concern to the general public. In 2015, however, a new and second strain of canine flu appeared in the Midwest. This H3N2 strain of canine influenza became the culprit behind many outbreaks of kennel cough throughout the country. Continue…

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Canine Influenza: Protecting Your Pooch


Very tired dogMuch like us, just about any time you put a group of dogs in close contact with one another, the potential for infectious disease transmission abounds. Kennel cough, intestinal parasites, fleas… places like boarding facilities and dog parks are often reminiscent of a daycare center at flu season.

Recently, dog owners have been increasingly concerned about canine influenza. With a recent outbreak in the Midwest, this highly contagious disease is on everyone’s radar. While infectious diseases are a very real thing, they are not a reason to not allow your pet to socialize. There is no reason that your pet can’t continue to enjoy the company of his or her fellow doggy friends. With a little care and preventative effort, you can decrease your dog’s risk of contracting infectious diseases, including canine influenza. Continue…

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