Wondering About Summer Pet Safety? Look No Further!

Summer pet safety is the cornerstone of summer fun with petsThe summer sort of plays tricks on us. During a time that we’re supposed to feel relaxed and happy, we spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about stuff. From traveling away from home to simply walking along the river, it’s imperative to know what’s at stake – especially when pets are involved. They tend to embrace the season with utter abandon! While we could learn a thing or two from them on that front, it’s up to us to protect them with these summer pet safety tips.

Bugs That Ruin a Good Time

Summer is prime bug time. Fleas and ticks can really push pet owners to their limits, and heartworm disease (spread by mosquitoes) is no joke, either.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have peace of mind this summer that your pet wouldn’t get any parasites? There is! Maintaining your pet’s parasite prevention medication is the best way you can protect your pet from a flea infestation, a bite from a Lyme-carrying tick, or heartworm disease from a pesky mosquito.

A+ for Pet Wellness

We recommend a preventive care exam this summer. That way, we can determine if your pet is current on all their disease prevention needs, but it’s also crucial to check on their overall health. For example, if you’re planning on keeping up a routine of physical exercise, we can help you ascertain whether your pet is up for it.

Also, because of the fireworks and thunderstorms of the season, we urge pet owners to have their pets microchipped (or update contact information with the manufacturer if any changes have been made).

The Effects of the Sun

Pets should generally be kept out of direct exposure to the sun. Try to exercise your pet at dawn and dusk to minimize the effects of the sun’s rays. Encourage your pet to run or walk on grass, instead of concrete, asphalt or gravel, as these surfaces can retain heat. Check paw pads regularly for any injury.

Summer Pet Safety Tactics

Heat stroke (hyperthermia) is a very real threat during the high heat and humidity of summer. One of the best ways to ensure summer pet safety is to always provide fresh, cool water throughout the day.

Increase hydration by making delicious ice pops (chicken or tuna flavored), providing a fun kiddie pool to splash around in, and always checking on shady areas in the yard. If your pet insists on hanging out on the lawn or deck, set them up with a sun shade and a fan. Inside the house, always keep the AC going, the water flowing, and the cuddle spots clean.

Water Tips

Heading to the pool, beach, lake, or river? Your pet may be an experienced swimmer, but we recommend a life jacket as a safety precaution. Please watch your pet closely for signs of exhaustion, provide fresh water, and offer lots of breaks to rest and go to the bathroom (please don’t forget the baggies!). Never leave your pet unattended or unsupervised.

Happy and Safe

Whatever your plans for the summer, we hope our summer pet safety measures help you relax and enjoy all the wonderful moments shared with your pet. As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.