Summer Kick Off: Fun Summer Pet Activities

The sun is out and your sunscreen is on. It’s time for some fun in the sun with your best four-legged pal. But have you made your summer pet activities bucket list? If not, let Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital help with some fun ideas. 

Water Fun

If your dog likes to splash around, buy a kiddie pool and invite your friends with dogs over for a pool party. Make sure all doggy participants get along, and provide plenty of fresh, cool drinking water.

Or, frequent a river, lake, or otherwise safe body of water. Playing and swimming can be great fun for dogs as well as humans! If you’re boating with your dog, invest in a doggy life jacket.

Into the Wild

For those who love to roam, check out a trail hike appropriate for your dog’s fitness level and breed. Make sure you go during the cooler parts of the day and bring lots of drinking water. Or, take your dog camping with you. Bonus points for letting her sleep in the tent!

For outdoor fun closer to home, find a local dog park that allows off leash play. 

Al Fresco 

Learn a new sport! Frisbee, agility, or field trials are great summer pet activities that can get you both outside and meeting new friends. 

Or, opt for relaxation with your best pal by finding a restaurant with a dog-friendly patio; order a summer drink and bring a book

Give Back 

If you have a gentle, people loving pet, consider getting her certified as a therapy pet. You can bring smiles and love this summer to people who need companionship and support in nursing homes, hospitals, and shelters

Safety and Summer Pet Activities

When you and your pet have fun in the sun this summer, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Supervise your pet anytime you’re in public, including at the dog park
  • Keep pets leashed unless you’re in an off leash area
  • Heatstroke is a serious and common emergency for pets. Don’t go for strenuous walks or exercise at the hottest times of the day. Keep physical activity to the early mornings or evenings, and always provide access to shade and fresh drinking water.
  • Prevent dehydration in pets by carrying drinking water and a bowl or dog water bottle. Don’t allow your pet to drink from pools, lakes, or puddles
  • Never leave a pet in a parked vehicle for any amount of time, even if the vehicle is in the shade and the windows are cracked. Being left in a parked car is the number one cause of heat related deaths in pets
  • If your pet is swimming, pay attention to currents, hazards, and your dog’s tiredness. Tired dogs are candidates for drowning. You may have to call it quits long before your dog will!
  • Don’t forget to keep your pet up to date on vaccinations, and to protect your pets from heartworm, fleas, and ticks. With all the fun this summer, you still need to protect them from dangerous and debilitating illnesses.

What are your favorite fun summer pet activities? We’d love to hear from you at your next visit, or post on social media. If you have any questions about your pet’s health, please call us anytime.