Good or Bad? The Effects of Essential Oils on Pets

The Effects of Essential Oils on Pets is a Matter of Pet Safety

The concept of aromatherapy centers on the use of plants and their oils to improve mental and physical well being. While this sounds pretty nice for use in the home, the effects of essential oils on pets can be dangerous to their health. To address the recent questions we’ve received about “safe” oils, we offer the following guidelines to protect your precious pet.

For Us, Not Them

Essential oils have earned a solid reputation among people who suffer from stress or anxiety, but they’re also popular to help increase energy and focus. Although they aren’t necessarily part of conventional western medicine, essential oils may help people in their day-to-day lives.


Is a Pet Poisoning Right Around the Corner?

Pet PoisoningMitigating potential catastrophe is a necessity of life. Without a constant nod to the what-if’s around every corner, are we more at risk of suffering illness or injury? Certainly when we know what to look for, we can focus more on enjoying ourselves and being happy. The same is true for our pets when it comes to knowing how to prevent a pet poisoning.


Toxic Food for Pets

toxic foodAs the first leaves fall from the trees and autumn officially arrives, it’s easy to forget that fun and festive seasonal foods could be dangerous to your pet. In between planning Halloween parties and filling your home with the aromas of fall, be sure to steer clear of any of these toxic foods for pets.

Chocolate is a Toxic Food for Pets

Chocolate is one of the main stars of the Halloween treat lineup, but it’s an incredibly toxic food for pets. Your favorite chocolate bar contains theobromine and methylxanthines, both of which are dangerous to cats, dogs and exotic animals.