Looking to Adopt a Cat? Now Is a Great Time!

Looking to adopt a cat? Pet rescue shelters have plenty!What’s not to love about cats? They’re sweet, affectionate, independent, and entertaining. Just as the old saying goes, “a house is not a home without a cat”. The good news is that there’s never been a better time to adopt a cat. June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month, and we’re pleased to bring more attention to the goal of finding homes for felines in need.

Make a Difference

Aside from giving a deserving cat a home, when you adopt a cat you make a huge difference in the shelter crisis. Around the country, numbers of homeless animals are skyrocketing, but when you bring one home, provide great care, and spay/neuter them, you are contributing to the system’s success (and freeing up one more bed for another cat).

Doubly Splendid

If that’s not reason enough to adopt a cat, consider your own health. Studies have discovered that lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and increased endorphin production are common results of owning – and bonding with – a feline. Win-win!

Adopt a Cat Who’s Older

Some shelters waive the adoption fee for cats over 3 years old. Considering that older cats are just as sweet and loving as their younger counterparts, but also more mellow and devoted to routine (not to mention potty trained), this might be an easy choice for your family.

Get Started

After you adopt a cat, you have a bit of legwork to do, especially if this is your first feline. Shelter cats are typically fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. Some have already been spayed or neutered. Comfy bedding, litter and litter box, window perches, toys, and top-notch food should be on the shopping list.

Cat Wellness

Even if they are the picture of health, it’s always a good idea to establish preventive care with us. This includes a physical exam, parasite prevention, nutrition, exercise, dental care, and any behavioral concerns you might have. Please give us a call to set up the best possible way to create baseline values for the long-term health of your cat.

Cats should be seen once a year until the 7 years of age. To prevent any age-related illness or injury, we recommend two yearly visits.

Say Cheese

Over 75% of all cats over the age of 3 have periodontal disease in one stage or another. Because this is the leading cause of systemic illness in older cats, and we always want to preserve the health of the liver, heart, and kidneys, dental checkups and cleanings are a part of the bigger picture of wellness.

One for the Team

Your friends at Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital are always here to answer questions or address concerns. Please let us know if you need assistance with finding the right cat for you. Thank you for adopting a cat in need!

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