The Importance of Wellness Care and Diagnostic Testing for Senior Pets

Sleeping Dog on Neutral Grey Color CouchWhen our pets are young, it’s often easy to just assume that they are healthy and that everything is fine. As pets age, however, our attention and understanding of possible health impacts need to be honed if we are to prevent disease and physical deterioration.

Because pets can be experts in masking symptoms and pain, the team at Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital encourages pet owners to consider senior pets specific wellness care.

Why Senior Pets Require Wellness Care for Quality of Life

Generally speaking, the last 25% of a pet’s lifespan is considered to be the “senior years”. This can be a significant amount of time for many cats and dogs, and as a loving pet owner, it is understandable to want to make sure these years are as wonderful as possible.

Senior wellness focuses on the specific health needs of older pets, which often entails assessing for any changes based on a pet’s normal baseline of health. In order to catch changes early, we recommend, at minimum, twice yearly appointments for cats and dogs over the age of 7 years.

Because preventing disease and other health conditions is our aim, our senior wellness appointments encompass all facets of your pet’s wellbeing, including: Continue…