At Home Flea Remedies: The Bad, the Worse, and the Ugly

WelsNat_iStock_000047785894_Large (3)It is finally starting to warm up in Massachusetts. With the sunshine and short sleeve shirts, though, come some not-so-fun visitors. As the weather warms many insects become more active, not the least of which is our friend the flea.

While your veterinarian at Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital are more than happy to help you develop a good parasite prevention plan for your pet, many people still turn to the Internet and word of mouth for do-it-yourself at home flea remedies. Keep reading to learn why we don’t advocate these treatments and what you can do to protect your pet from parasites.

Debunking Popular at Home Flea Remedies

It only takes a quick Google search to stumble upon a dozen or so at home flea remedies for pets. Here are a few of the more commonly recommended treatments and our concerns: Continue…