Looking Back at Our Top Five Pet Care Blogs of 2017

Before we leap into a new year and everything awesome that awaits, we must pause and remember all that happened in the past year. After all, the lessons of 2017 will certainly give us a head start for the great opportunities in 2018. At Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital, we want to focus on what matters to you, and part of that means spotlighting our top five pet care blogs as determined by our readers.

From pet toxins to walking your dog like a pro, our aim is to enlighten, educate, and entertain owners with information to help you better care for your best friend. While gearing up for 2018, we hope you’ve gleaned some great information from our blog – and remember, we always welcome your suggestions for topics!

Before you get back to that long list of New Year’s resolutions, here’s a peek at some of our best 2017 blogs.


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The Difference Between Fun and Fear? Holiday Pet Safety Tips You Can Count On

The holidays are about many wonderful things but pet safety is always at the top of our list when this time of year rolls around again. While family, love, togetherness, gratitude, and community are collectively celebrated, holiday parties and gift-giving exchanges can reach epic proportions. Between the indulgent offerings table-side and the dazzling decorations, pets can be headed for a world of hurt. Keep your pet free from danger (and out of the ER) with our holiday pet safety tips.

Go-To Reference

Calmly approaching the weeks between Halloween and New Year’s is an effort of pure will. The long lines at every store, increased traffic, and freezing cold weather are all part of a recipe for utter frustration and fatigue. And you’re not alone.

Pets pick up on our heightened levels of stress, fear, and anxiety and often react in kind. Watch your pet’s behavior closely. Even if it’s not overly obvious, they could probably use a movie marathon cuddled next to their favorite person (that’s you), a nice long walk in nature, or extra playtime. If you notice that your pet seems restless or anxious and think they could benefit from less activities or fewer crowds, please bring them home and stick to their regular routine as much as possible.


Toxic Food for Pets

toxic foodAs the first leaves fall from the trees and autumn officially arrives, it’s easy to forget that fun and festive seasonal foods could be dangerous to your pet. In between planning Halloween parties and filling your home with the aromas of fall, be sure to steer clear of any of these toxic foods for pets.

Chocolate is a Toxic Food for Pets

Chocolate is one of the main stars of the Halloween treat lineup, but it’s an incredibly toxic food for pets. Your favorite chocolate bar contains theobromine and methylxanthines, both of which are dangerous to cats, dogs and exotic animals.