The Ultimate Dog Care Guide for Working Pet Owners

working pet ownersYour dog knows the routine; in fact, he has come to expect it. He watches as you perform your daily rituals of showering, dressing, making coffee, and getting your supplies together. His tail wags hopefully as you tell him to “Be a good boy! See you tonight!” Although you can’t see him, he’s surely listening as your car drives away and he settles in to await your return in the evening.

Thanks to our society’s prevailing view of pets as family members, working pet owners often worry about their pets’ emotions as well as their own. According to a study by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) in 2000, 75 percent of working pet owners feel guilty about leaving their pets home alone while they are at work.

Dogs are pack animals and there’s no doubt they need exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship each and every day. With a little bit of planning, it’s entirely possible for working pet owners to meet the needs of their dog and enjoy the many benefits of pet ownership.


Pet Microchipping: How Technology Can Bring Your Pal Home

As pet owners, the thought of our pets becoming lost or wandering away from home is truly frightening. Despite our best efforts to protect our pets, accidents do happen and even the most well behaved pets can become separated from family.

Sadly, many lost pets are never reunited with their families, but you can greatly improve your chances with pet microchipping.

The Sad Truth

According to statistics from the pet microchipping company Home Again:


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That Time of Year: Handling Heartworm Prevention Before it’s Too Late

It’s been proven that people benefit from friendly reminders. Whether it’s the card in the mail from your dentist or a poke from your dad to call Granny on her birthday, we all need a bit of prodding from time to time. Sometimes, we know the time is approaching to accomplish a specific task, and instead of putting it off, we get on board. This is never more true than in the case of heartworm prevention.

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month. Getting involved with our community and spreading the word about this disease will hopefully help protect our nation’s pets.

Your Prevention Back Pocket

Taking a proactive approach to your pet’s wellness has a lot to do with his or her health, and parasite prevention tops the list. Your pet can be screened for diseases spread by parasites, and in the case of Lyme disease, vaccinations are also available. Untreated heartworm disease, however, is not only dangerous, it can also be deadly.

Small and Fatal

Mosquitoes are to blame for the spread of heartworm disease. They pick up the parasite dirofilaria immitis while sucking up the blood-meal of an infected animal – commonly a dog, cat, raccoon, opossum, wolf, or coyote. The parasite, in its microscopic stage, is then deposited in the bloodstream of another animal victim.


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